The First Ever Hackathon in Down South by a School in Sri Lanka.



Down South Hack

The Competition welcomes innovative ideas related to Information and Communications Technology focusing particularly in the development of technology solutions that will improve lives by making it easier for global citizens, in the area of Health, Education, Finance, Agriculture, Public Safety and key Government Services, etc... Through the use of technology.

The Web Team of Mahinda College is proud to present you ODYSSEY’18 ICT competition and convention which will be held on 30th of January 2018. In accordance with ODYSSEY’18 Mahinda College Web Team has arranged the first ever Interschool Hackathon Competition in partnership with Dialog Ideamart.

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First Time XP

Get your first time experience of the world of "Hackathons", creating a smarter approach to solutions declaring the real world problems unfolding the real potential of you.

Idea Screening

You can discuss about your idea with the community and can create impressive presentations which are not limited to Multimedia screens

The Learning Stuff

The pre workshops which are going to be held to provise you about, "What is a Hackathon?" and the expert guild line will make you more confident about the competition.

Event Programme

16th of January
10.00AM - 1.00PM

Science Auditorium - Mahinda College

PreHack (WorkShop)

Get to know about Down South Hack...

19th of January
10.00AM - 1.00PM

Colombo - Dialog Auditorium

PreHack (Workshop)

Get to know about Down South Hack...

30th of January
08.00AM - 2.00PM

Galle - Mahinda College


Final Battle...


Build a prototype based solution for a real world problem.It may be an android app, a Desktop application, IoT project, Web application. Feel Free to use any technology or Device to make your Project done.

Fabulous Prizes

1st Prize

Amazon Alexa

2nd Prize

Google Chromecast

3rd Prize

Xiaomi Band 2


  1. Judges decision will be the final decision.
  2. All the team members should be at Mahinda College,Galle by 9.00am on 30th of January 2018.
  3. You need to bring your laptops, chargers, power cables, multi plugs and any other peripheral to build your hackathon idea.
  4. Hackathon Idea cannot be changed during the hackathon or prior. Final product can have added features.
  5. Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) - a spare dongle/router for internet connectivity.
  6. If you are using Dialog Ideamart APIs, referring to the API documentation via is important. Note that all the MSISDNs in production environment is masked and actual numbers will not be exposed.
  7. If you don’t have hosting space, please request for free hosting from Ideamart. Hosting will be provided only for PHP,Java, NodeJS or Python. Please mention the following and send an email to on or before 19th of January,mentioning Down South Hack Sri Lanka 2018 [Team Name] in the subject line
    • Dialog Connect Account Number
    • Your Email
    • Name for DB
    • DB Type
    • Language – Java/PHP/Python/NodeJS
  8. Food and beverages will be provided
  9. Dress code : School wear
  10. Any team member can be a part of only one team.
  11. The ownership of the ideas and the product ownerships beheld by the developing team.
  12. Final product should be working in live environment.
  13. Please use the (#DownSouthHack #ideamart #WebTeamMCG) and be active in social media.
  14. Please fill the registration form and send it on or before 28th of January.
  15. We appreciate your team spirit at all the time, in-order to make this event a success.
  16. Having fun is mandatory.

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